About Scalex

A two-day conference designed to focus on building resilience and excellence into supply chain and logistics operations and processes in Saudi Arabia (and the wider GCC).

New perspectives and innovative new systems are needed to make the supply chains of tomorrow faster, safer, more transparent, and more sustainable. Scalex is designed to showcase the latest disruptive technologies and provide a future focused platform for relevant stakeholders to discuss robust implementation strategies and the significant emerging commercial opportunities across the region.

Saudi Arabia’s National Industrial Development Logistics Programme (NIDLP) will be addressed in detail. This initiative, launched as part of the kingdom’s Vision 2030 blueprint, will see USD $36bn being strategically invested on domestic air, port, road and rail infrastructure over the next decade.

What's on the agenda?

Programme is designed around x5 core industry modules:

Module 1: Transportation & Infrastructure – Logistics Infrastructure, Enterprises & Services, Equipment, Transport, Warehousing & Handling

Module 2: Supply Chain Management (Operative Systems) –Smart Facilities, Logistics Centres, Real Estate, IT Systems, Sensors & Detectors, Applications, Tracking & Tracing, Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul.

Module 3: Supply Chain Analytics (Analytical Systems) – Broadband and Mobile Networks, Data Analytics, Telematics, Predictive Maintenance, Forecasting Supply,

Module 4: Integrative Chains – Smart Districts, Sustainability, Zero Emission Vehicles, Traffic Management, Dynamic Telematics and Intelligent Infrastructure

Module 5: Hypermodality – Integrated Solutions, Synchronised Processes, Supply Chain Security, Real Time Information, Individual Mobility Planning and Sustainable System..


Benefits of attending

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  • Analyse the future direction of the global supply chain and logistics sector and it’s impact on the region
  • Learn more about achieving logistics and supply chain excellence in the digital age
  • Hear more about the forthcoming projects in the region
  • Get the latest innovative strategies to accelerate cash flow such as next-level customer collaboration

Who should attend?

Scalex is specially designed to benefit VPs, Directors, Heads and Senior Managers from:


  • Supply Chain Management
  • Logistics and Distribution
  • Operations
  • Warehousing, Inventory and Stock Control
  • Trade, Customs and Compliance
  • E-Commerce
  • Omni-Channel
  • Retail and Wholesale
  • Manufacturing
  • Forecast and Planning
  • Shipping and Transportation
  • Replenishment
  • Fulfilment
  • Procurement, Sourcing and Purchasing
  • Other related departments

Industries / Sectors:

  • Airports, Roadways and Seaports
  • FMCG
  • Consumer Goods and Durables
  • Electronics and Information Technology
  • E-commerce and Online Trading
  • Pharmaceuticals and Medical Products
  • Construction
  • Industrial and Heavy Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Solution Providers
  • Warehouse Solution Providers
  • Other related industries

For further information on the agenda or to enquire about speaking opportunities, please contact