Conference & Events

Scalex Conference

Materials Handling Middle East - Scalex

Held alongside the exhibition, Scalex, the Supply Chain+Logistics Forum will bring together top industry leaders who face the challenges of developing supply chain and logistics strategies for discussions that will explore the future directions of the global supply chain sector, new trends and changing dynamics of the industry in the region.

Join the industry leaders and know more on how to achieve logistics and supply chain excellence, understand the latest innovative strategies and keep up-to-date about the forthcoming projects in the region.

Forklift Operator of the Year Challenge

Materials Handling Middle East - Forklift Challenge

Operating forklifts safely and efficiently is a skill that is worth recognising and rewarding. The Forklift Challenge is a unique competition where skilled forklift operators will be judged on their ability to safely and efficiently manoeuver forklift machinery in tight and narrow spaces, replicating a warehouse environment.

Nominate 2 of your best Forklift Operators to participate in the finest challenge in the Kingdom. 3 winners will walk away with the best "Forklift Operator of the Year" title!